1. Behind the Scenes - Running a Jewellery Business

    Behind the Scenes - Running a  Jewellery Business
    Whenever I tell people that I am a jeweller or a jewellery designer who customises fine jewellery and sells gemstones, the first reaction I usually get is - "You are so lucky !" or "So fun!". True - running a jewellery business, for me at least, is extremely enjoyable as I get to work with beautiful gems, jewels and fine metals like gold and platinum. However, my jewellery business is NOT about flipping through a fashion or jewellery magazine and pointing to a picture or a desired outcome or ordering ready made or ready designed jewellery from a mass manufacturer. Instead, my jewellery creations are individually designed and customised, and much of my work involves researching not just designs that resonate with a customer, but (as a metalsmith) also looking into the ability to fabricate and construct the desired jewellery piece. In addition, a lot of time is also spent on planning, looking at numbers, drawing up proposals, evaluating gemstone and raw material suppliers, carrying out quality control of fabricated jewellery pieces (whether customized or bespoke or ready-to-wear), business development and other administrative matters, amongst others things. And one of the most important areas that take up my time as a jewellery designer – is continuing my learning journey as a professional jewellery and gemstone specialist. Truly all in a day’s work !
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  2. Amethyst - Birthstone of February

    Amethyst - Birthstone of February
    Happy February everyone! The birthstone of February is the super popular Amethyst, which is a purple coloured quartz. It can be found in abundance and spotted in almost any jewellery store in the world. Apparently, it was once believed that the Amethyst gemstone could protect people from getting drunk! As mentioned, Amethyst is a quartz and its colour is smetimes obtained through treatments. Although it is most often seen as a purple quartz, this gemstone also ranges from light pink to deep reddish or bluish violet and sometimes even in a mix of these colours within the same gemstone. As it is fairly hard (7 on the Mohs scale), it is suitable to be crafted into jewellery, and not just earrings, brooches and pendants, but also those pieces which may take more wear and tear like rings and bracelets. Amethyst can be found in many places around the globe including North and South America and parts of Africa. Seen here is a photo of one of my favourite Joanne L designs – the Lunar Ring. It is set with a beautiful purple Amethyst and flanked on the sides by white spinels. The Lunar Ring was originally launched with a smoky quartz but this version was customised with a specially cut checkerboard Amethyst for a bespoke order ring.
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  3. Joanne L Asian Heritage Ring

    Joanne L Asian Heritage Ring
    The iconic Joanne L. Asian Heritage Ring was first launched in 2015 to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday and to pay tribute to Singapore's multicultural roots. Whilst clean and contemporary, a look which is very much Joanne L., the lines, geometry and gemstones are reminiscent of Asian sights and scenes. After receiving numerous requests, I've now created a Limited Edition Asian Heritage Collection. Every piece is unique, individually handmade in Singapore and is set with different gemstones like amethyst, topaz and peridots. Truly one of a kind.
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  4. Jewellery Pop Up - Popsicle Event

    Jewellery Pop Up - Popsicle Event
    I participated in a jewellery and accessories pop up called Popsicle at one of my stockists stores. It was a flurry of excitement preparing for the event, pulling together handcrafted earrings, bracelets and pendants. Happy to report that the event went well. Time to re-stock and re-charge before the next event !
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  5. Off the Cuff !

    Off the Cuff !
    I absolutely love big, bold cuffs. They speak of strength, yet add a touch of sensuality. 18k gold plated brass cuff - hand cut and shaped. These cuffs are all individually hand cut, hammered and finished by me in my own studio. Always a joy to be sitting at my bench working on these.
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  6. Silversmithing and For the Love of Felines!

    Silversmithing and For the Love of Felines!

    S came to me with a request to make something special for her bestie's birthday. I was given specific instructions to go with a cat theme. I must say, I really enjoyed customizing this bespoke sterling silver cat pendant which I attached to a silver chain.  Happy to add - the birthday girl was "purr"fectly happy with her one of a kind pendant! !

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  7. Colours and the After Six Solitaire Range of Rings, Earrings and Necklaces

    Colours and the After Six Solitaire Range of Rings, Earrings and Necklaces

    There’s nothing that lifts my spirits quite as much as a bowl filled with colourful candies and M&Ms in front of the TV: the riot of colours and flavours are a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. That, and catching a rare glimpse of a rainbow, or soaking in the myriad of colours and energy of a night out in the city.

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