1. Customised Amethyst Ring

    Customised Amethyst Ring
    Seen here is a photo of one of my favourite Joanne L designs – the Lunar Ring. It is set with a beautiful purple Amethyst and flanked on the sides by white spinels. The Lunar Ring was originally launched with a smoky quartz but this version was customised with a special checkerboard cut Amethyst for a bespoke order ring. Amethyst is the birthstone of February. It can be found in abundance and spotted in almost any jewellery store in the world. Apparently, it was once believed that the Amethyst gemstone could protect people from getting drunk! Amethyst is a quartz and its colour is sometimes obtained through treatments. Although it is most often seen as a purple quartz, this gemstone also ranges from light pink to deep reddish or bluish violet and sometimes even in a mix of these colours within the same gemstone. As it is fairly hard (7 on the Mohs scale), it is suitable to be crafted into jewellery, and not just earrings, brooches and pendants, but also those pieces which may take more wear and tear like rings and bracelets. Amethyst can be found in many places around the globe including the North and South America and parts of Africa.
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  2. Customised Flawless, Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

    Customised Flawless, Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring
    I'm always amazed by my client, B. Not only is he an astute and highly successful businessman, he also has a keen interest in fine gemstones, especially diamonds. More importantly, despite his very busy schedule, he always finds time to spoil his beautiful family, especially his lovely wife. He had asked me previously to customise a very bespoke 4 plus carat GIA certified, flawless, D colour diamond for her, which I did (see upcoming post) - and over the last 6 to 9 months, he had been on the search for a large, fancy yellow diamond for her. After the many months of searching and sending photos back and forth plus him flying into Singapore (he is not based here) to view different diamonds, we finally selected this gorgeous 4 plus carat cushion cut, GIA certified flawless fancy yellow diamond. On the side are special-cut trapezoid white diamonds, and the diamonds were set in an 18k white gold ring, entirely handcrafted and set by master craftmen right here in Singapore. Once the ring was crafted to perfection, it was then hand carried and flown back to surprise B's super lucky wife! #feelingamazing #thatslove
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  3. Joanne L Wedding Rings 2 !

    Joanne L Wedding Rings 2 !
    I met F several years ago at a conference. She was every bit the young, modern professional woman that most other women want to emulate. Needless to say, I was extremely happy when she informed me that she was getting married to K asked if I would make their wedding rings for them. The following few days involved discussions entailing endless possibilities, and as F and K were very clear in their minds what their design preferences were, it did not take long before the design of their weddings rings was finalized, and handcrafting of their bespoke wedding rings began. Within 6 weeks, I was happy to deliver these 2 gorgeous weddings rings (the classic for K and the one with a diamond solitaire for F) to the happy nuptials. K and F – wishing you eternal bliss!
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  4. Joanne L Bespoke Weddings

    Joanne L Bespoke Weddings

    M and K were referred to me by a very old friend. They were engaged and looking to find someone to create their wedding rings for them. After discussing their requirements, I came up with a design which would fit well with M's engagement ring. When the time came for them to collect their rings, I was absolutely thrilled by their reaction. The rings turned out beautiful and from their wedding photos in Italy, I know they had a spectacular celebration. I'm truly happy for them and wish them a life time of love and happiness.

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  5. Emerald Cut Trio Solitaire Ring

    Emerald Cut Trio Solitaire Ring

    Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend and this indeed proved true for E. When she got married several years ago, her fiance and now husband, gave her a a one carat diamond solitaire ring for their engagement. Now happily married for several years and a successful career woman climbing the corporate ladder, E found the one carat a little... let's say... small. To celebrate the birth of her first child, her husband decided to give her a push present - and E chose 2 additional emerald cut diamonds. We re-set the diamond engagement ring into a trio, which to her is her symbol of her family of 3. We certainly enjoyed creating this memorable and meaningful gift which was ready in time for baby's arrival! 


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  6. Customised Citrine Ring

    Customised Citrine Ring

    J came to see me with a gemstone which her very sweet husband had bought for her. When she handed it over to me she said that she was not sure what stone it was, and thougt it was a crystal.  After examining the stone and doing some tests on it, I ascertained that it was a citrine.  J had in mind a few designs and styles but was not too sure if they would be suitable. After we discussed some options, she decided on a design with the citrine set in the centre and surrounded by small gems. The result was indeed breathtaking. Happy to say that J brought her husband along when she collected the ring, and both were thoroughly pleased with the final piece of jewellery.  I'm sure J will enjoy this classic yet beautiful hand crafted ring for years to come.    


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